Danae Powers, M.S. is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Young Living Independent Distributor (#3939765) in California.

“My heart is to learn and teach. My mind craves science. My passion is holistic healing.” ~ Danae

Years ago, when I first decided to use essential oils in my psychotherapy practice to assist my clients during sessions, I wanted to know all the *ins and outs* of the various essential oils: what they can be used for, how to use them, when to use them, and why to use them.

I also wanted to know why they’re not being used in traditional/Western (allopathic) medicine if they were really so effective – as they’ve been used for centuries in homeopathic medicine.

And, of course, I wanted to dive into learning more about the seemingly vast number of companies proclaiming that their essential oils were the purest/best. After much research, I chose Young Living as the company from which I’d purchase my essential oils and essential oil-infused products because they were the best fit for my personal and professional needs.

Once I’d done even more research, I realized that (mostly due to the great lack of double-blind studies available to consumers) this search for knowledge of essential oils was going to be a lifelong learning project for me. I wanted to know more about their science, safety, and effective use. And, I wanted that knowledge to be unquestionably evidence-based (from someone other than what could be found through using online search engines or my suppliers).

This thirst for evidence-based scientific knowledge led me to study with a Level III (the highest level) nationally and internationally accredited school of Aromatherapy, Aromahead Institute. After studying for hundreds of hours in lectures and labs (covering botany, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and essential oil blending), writing a peer-reviewed research paper, and completing over 20 case studies with research participants, I obtained my certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist (and became a Certified Essential Oils Specialist along the way).

I now also choose to purchase from Aromatics International (originally started by Andrea Butje, founder of Aromahead Institute) because of their provision of batch-specific GC/MS reports showing high quality product.

I am excited to bring my academic, professional, and personal experience and knowledge to you to enhance your wellness!

– Danae