Essential oils can help you manage stress naturally.

Stress is a natural part of life. It’s meant to help you respond to dangerous situations and get to safety. Once the danger has passed, stress is supposed to calm down.

But what if stress doesn’t pass so easily? It could be that you’re in prolonged, challenging circumstances, or that your mind continues to register danger where none exists. Those are times when you’ll need to practice natural stress management.

In this 7-part series, you’ll learn to use essential oils to ease mental, physical, and emotional stress.

Everything is clearly explained, with easy-to-use lists that map out which oils to use, which aspects of stress they can calm, and the basic chemistry behind how and why they work. (I promise you’ll understand, even if you’re not a scientist!)

You’ll start by reviewing the fundamentals of the body’s stress response, so you fully understand the role that essential oils can play and why they’re so effective. You’ll continue by learning two ways to manage stress with essential oils: relaxation and boosting your mood.

The entries on relaxation include techniques like calming your nervous system, soothing tight muscles, and getting restful sleep at night.

The section on boosting your mood will help you overcome sadness, regain energy, calm “hot” emotions like anger, stay peacefully focused on work, and feel more positive about every day.

Stress can make creating your own aromatherapy products feel overwhelming or exhausting. If this sounds like you—or if you know someone else who may benefit from natural stress management—consider a pre-formulated or Custom aromatherapy blend from Powers Aromatherapy.

Natural stress management is a journey, and essential oils can support you every step of the way. Remember to be patient and kind toward yourself as you cultivate peace and joy in your life!