Bath Salts made with Himalayan salt are particularly good detoxifiers.

Choose a Bath Salt for its therapeutic benefits, scent, or both! When you choose a blend for its scent just be sure that you’re not using it a time of day when you need the opposite of its therapeutic effects.

Choose from the below Formula Blend and Inspired Blend Bath Salts or create a Custom Blend Bath Salt by scheduling an Aromatherapy Consultation.

All the Zzz’s

Formula Blend
Crafted to support restful sleep


Inspired Blend (Low Stock)
Crafted to help you unwind and relax – Inspired by “Seedlings Calm


Inspired Blend (Limited Edition)
Crafted to inspire, calm, empower, and uplift – Inspired by “Valor II”

Eternal Optimist

Inspired Blend (Low Stock)
Crafted to create a positive atmosphere and inspire feelings of security and optimism – Inspired by “White Angelica

Muscle Balm

Formula Blend
Crafted to relieve sore muscles

No Worries

Formula Blend
Crafted to relieve anxious feelings

Peace, Love & Happiness

Inspired Blend (Low Stock)
Crafted to relax, bring a sense of peace, uplift, calm, and promote emotional well-being – Inspired by “Peace & Calming


Inspired Blend (Low Stock)
Crafted to calm, comfort, bring peace, relax, relieve anxious thoughts and feelings, soothe, and reduce stress – Inspired by “Gentle Baby

Slow Your Roll

Formula Blend
Crafted to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin

The Happy Place

Formula Blend
Crafted to elevate mood