Nourish your skin with Balms, Butters, and Lotions with skin-loving bases infused with essential oils!

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What is the difference between Butters and Lotions?

Butters range from thicker, harder (and very silky) texture to softer, looser texture – it all depends on the chosen base ingredients. All Butters are hard enough to keep their form in the container, but soft enough to apply. Butters use beeswax to help thicken them, but don’t need an emulsifier (as there is no water component to these blends). Butters are typically chosen for use on the lips and body or when slower absorption of the essential oils is desired.

Lotion is lightweight so it spreads and absorbs easily into skin. It quickly restores moisture to dry areas, and it’s non-greasy so it won’t leave you oily. A Lotion is a blend of water and oil, with an emulsifier to help the two blend together (as we know, oil and water do not naturally mix: they separate). Lotions are typically chosen for use on the hands and body and when quick absorption of the essential oils or ease of application is desired.