Why Powers Aromatherapy?

The sad reality is that most “aromatherapy” products on the market are full of synthetic fragrances and other stuff you just don’t want traveling to your brain and bloodstream. This is why I don’t buy aromatherapy “off the shelf” from a local or online retailer that doesn’t specialize in true aromatherapy.

Unfortunately, the FDA generally allows products to be labeled as “aromatherapy,” “pure,” or “natural” as long as they have at least 10% essential oil in it. What?!? Yeah… I personally get enough toxins from my environment that I can’t control so I don’t want to compound that with synthetic-laden products for my body and environment when I can choose. To ensure that only pure, high-quality ingredients are used in my Custom, Essence, Formula, and Specialty Blends, I only use essential oils, absolutes, and hydrosols from suppliers who provide me with a GC/MS report in advance of my ingredient purchase.

Now, I’m not trying to shame you here! I used to be a BIG fan of scented candles, chemical cleaning products, and all kinds of yummy-smelling body care products – I mean, I had cupboards overflowing with this stuff for decades. Now, you’ve seen why I don’t buy aromatherapy “off the shelf” and I want to tell you how I’ve replaced most of these products with safer, and usually even more effective, aromatherapy blends. I started Powers Aromatherapy to share with you how you can, too!

Here are just some of the ways I’ve used my own aromatherapy blends (and some Young Living products) to switch things up in my own home:

  • Diffusing – replaced my scented candles
  • Bath & Shower – replaced my bar soaps, body washes, shampoo, conditioner, bath salts, and body scrubs
  • Facial Care – replaced my face washes, moisturizers, acne treatment, face scrubs, lightening products, and lip balm
  • Hand & Body Care – replaced my body lotions and butters, foot scrubs, fungal treatments, insect repellents, and after-sun care
  • Wellness Care – replaced many of my previous products I’d been using for issues such as soreness, itching, sleep support, feeling under the weather, energy needs, focusing, and dietary supplements
  • Laundry – replaced my detergent and dryer sheets
  • Household Cleaning – replaced my dish soap, all-purpose cleaners, and glass/mirror cleaners
  • Bathroom/Room/Linen Sprays – replaced the chemical-laden ones

– Danae